Holiday Season Preparation with TFB


The most wonderful thing about Christmas is being able to get together with loved ones! And what better way to celebrate one another than a festive meal together? We’re here to help you beat the holiday hustle with our suggestion: a delicious steak dinner.

Do a Headcount

It never hurts to plan ahead. When you think of lunch or dinner ideas, be sure to match the serving size to the number of people joining. If you want to satisfy your family without prepping so much food that it’s wasteful, remember the golden rule – 8 ounces or half a pound of meat per person! 

Choose Your Cut

It might be overwhelming to choose from so many cuts, especially if you have yet to decide on a recipe. Let’s make it easier for you! Tenderloin and Porterhouse steaks are generally tender and juicy, best served grilled! When you sear them on high heat and let them rest, the juices resettle into the meat, making the meal more flavorful. Just add a little salt, pepper, and rosemary! If you’re looking for something other than a steak, try Japanese Wagyu! You can easily sear them and make them into a salpicao with lots of garlic or upgrade your noodles and turn it into ram-don. The wagyu lovers in your family will love you forever. And if you prefer something along the lines of Korean cuisine, why not indulge them with a KBBQ night with some beef shortplate and pork belly? Lucky for you, The Fat Butcher offers all these for your safety and your convenience! It’s really much easier to order here at The Fat Butcher.

Go for Drinks & Dessert

There’s always room for more! Pair your premium cuts with the well-loved combination of steak and red wine – you can never go wrong with a cabernet sauvignon or a shiraz if the steak is a little too fatty. If you want to keep the mood casual, serve your steak with an ice-cold beer or good old soda to cut through the oily foods and cleanse the palate. Don’t forget to serve your family some dessert to sweeten the deal!

Share the Holiday Cheer

Don’t feel bad if you can’t meet up with your family and friends. You can always let them know you’re thinking of them with the gift of premium steak and wine. That’s right, The Fat Butcher is offering steak sets to deliver to your loved ones on the same day. This will give you more than enough time, if you’re too busy to head to the butcher. Just don’t wait until New Year!