Why Do Steak and Wine Go Perfectly Well Together?

usda ribeye steak and yellow tail red wine with gift box (gift set)


A perfectly cooked steak and a delicious glass of wine makes a remarkable pairing. It's difficult to picture one without the other because the two compliment one another so perfectly. But, why does each fit so perfectly? 

The Science behind the Pairing

  • There is actually science behind the art of combining food and wine. The combination of acidity, tannins, sweetness, and alcohol content determines the flavors in wine. These components work in harmony with food flavors to provide a pleasing balance.


  • It pairs particularly well with steak because the tannins and acidity in red wine balance the rich, meaty tastes of the steak.  When wine is served with steak, the tannins in the wine help to balance off the richness of the meat, making the meal more pleasurable.

Selecting the Best Wine

  • There are a few elements to take into account when selecting a wine to go with steak. Think about the kind of steak you'll be eating first. You should select a wine that accentuates the flavors of the various steak cuts because they all have different flavor profiles.


  • For instance, the flavor of a ribeye steak pairs nicely with robust, full-bodied red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah due to its rich, meaty flavor. Contrarily, a filet mignon has a more delicate flavor and goes nicely with Merlot or Pinot Noir, which are lighter red wines.


  • The sauce or seasoning on your steak is another element to take into account. You should select a wine with more acidity if your steak is served with a rich, buttery sauce in order to help cut through the richness. Choose a wine with flavors that are similar to those in your steak if it is seasoned with strong herbs or spices.

Tips for Enjoying Steak and Wine

  • Choose the correct wine glass: To help the wine breathe and unleash its flavors, use a glass with a big bowl and a wide opening.


  • Let the wine to breathe: After opening the bottle, leave it open for 10 to 15 minutes before serving to let the flavors meld.


  • Keep the wine from being overpowered: Steak shouldn't be seasoned with strong flavors that will dominate the wine.


  • Observe patience: To properly taste the flavors and enjoy the experience, savor each bite of the steak and sip of the wine.


It's impossible to deny the allure of a well grilled steak and a mouthwatering glass of wine. You may elevate your dining experience by knowing the principles of pairing and selecting the ideal wine to go with your steak. Steak and wine go beautifully, whether you're celebrating a big event or just having a fun night out with friends.